In Tromsø (Tromso) you can see the most wondeful and spectacular nortern lights. Join a tour to watch and experience this!





Here is Tromsø on the map:

Ålesund city walking tour

Do you want to join in for a guided Ålesund city walking tour?

This city on the west coast of Norway has a lot of history to show. From the big city fire that burned down every wood house except for one, to the long trade story of the West. All unique. All enjoyable.

The nature is spectacular. The tall mountains on the land side and the ocean at the sea view. From the «top of sugar» (sukkertoppen) to the down hill slopes. There are many activities to participate in, and a lot to do.

Here we invite you to a walk of Ålesund’s fame. The buildings, old and full of history. From hard stories from the raging sea, to the love story of people.

Join in on a 1,5 hour walking tour, with a break at one of the most popular coffee shops in the city of Ålesund – where you can feel the pulsating life of today.

Here you see the location of the city of Ålesund:

Close encounter with whales

A very close encounter with hunting whales. The comment at 1:16 : » We don’t need to closer than that». He is right!

Whale Route Norway

Want to see whales? Have a blast beeing at whale safari and look at whales. Here is a video showing swimming with whales.